MAGIRAS DIAGNOSTICS S.A., established in 1988 by Mr. Vassilis Magiras, is a medical diagnostics company focused from the very beginning until now on the In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and Medical Devices markets.

Today, after an extremely successful and steady development, the company is included among the top Greek Medical Companies.

During  more than 30 years of its life, Magiras Diagnostics pursued and achieved to build well established collaborations with world renowned companies, as well as long lasting relationships with thousands of customers who trust the products and the services of the company.

The portfolio of the companies that selected Magiras Diagnostics as their exclusive distributor includes companies such as Becton Dickinson (USA) for its divisions of the Preanalytical Systems (PAS) and the Medical Surgical Systems (MSS), STAGO (France)with automated systems and reagentsin the field of coagulation and hemostasis, SEBIA (France) for electrophoresis and automated capillary systems for proteins and glycohemoglobins, EUROIMMUN (Germany) with analyzers and reagents for Autoimmunity, Infectious Diseases and Allergy, BioSystems (Spain) for biochemistry analyzers and reagents, and MEDICA (USA) in the field of electrolytes testing. Deciding to enter into the field of Automated Microbiology, we are proud of our collaboration with one of the most innovative companies in the field, ACCELERATE (USA). Recently, deploying the huge experience of the company in automated Immunoassay systems, we launched as exclusive distributors in Greece the products of SNIBE (P.R.China), considering it one of the most promising new companies in automated immunology.

The customer base of the company consists of more than 1700 active (and most of them loyal) customers, including almost all the hospitals, big private clinics and diagnostic chains, universities, research institutes and reference labs, and hundreds of private diagnostic labs of various sizes all over the country.

Issues about Quiality Policy: anti-briberyreporting@magiras.gr

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