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EUROIMMUN AG (now a Perkin-Elmer company) produces test systems and automation solutions for medical laboratory diagnostics. The company was founded in September 1987, with its headquarters in Lübeck, Germany, and is operating worldwide through 14 international subsidiaries covering around 35 countries, and more than 60 distributors, overall distributing in about 130 countries all over the world.

EUROIMMUN is characterized by the development and production of cutting edge, innovative solutions, and is considered as one of the worldwide leaders in the fields of autoimmune and infectious diseases, allergies, and gene analyses.

Various techniques and systems are employed in the offered diagnostic solutions, such as indirect immunofluorescence (IFA), ELISA, various blot techniques (Westernblot, EUROASSAY, EUROLINE, EUROLINE-WB), and techniques from molecular biology (microarray), integrating several state-of-the-art procedures and microanalysis techniques which partly carry worldwide patents. EUROIMMUN is undoubtedly the leader in very demanding diagnostic fields such as Neurology, Nephrology, etc.

Recently, the company entered also in the field of Veterinary diagnostics, enriching continuously the relevant panel with new products.

MAGIRAS DIAGNOSTICS is the exclusive distributor of EUROIMMUN in Greece since 2006, providing and supporting many labs with high expertise all over the country with the EUROIMMUNE devices and reagents.


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