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BIOSYSTEMS was founded in 1981 and is based in Barcelona, Spain, at a floor space of 18.000 m2. Their products are distributed in dozens of countries all over the world, either through affiliates or local distributors.

The company offers a wide and extensive portfolio of products for clinical and agri-food diagnosis. Or an 30 more than 30 years now, it produces Clinical Chemistry analyzers and reagent dedicated to meet the needs of various sized diagnostic labs remaining in an ongoing improvement process.

Our mastery of core technologies combined with our extensive experience mean that we are able to offer ground-breaking products that are tailored to customers’ needs and enhanced through an ongoing improvement process.

MAGIRAS DIAGNOSTICS has a very long lasting and fruitful collaboration with BIOSYSTEMS from the early ‘90s.Through the years, numerous biochemical analyzers have been installed all over the country, producing millions of results using BIOSYSTEMS reagents.


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