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STAGO is the worldwide reference in the fields of Haemostasis and Thrombosis.
With over 350 marketed products, the company offers the widest range of reagents and Haemostasis analyzers throughout the world using the most advanced technologies.
Based in France, STAGO has now more than 2.200 employees and is represented in over 110 countries via its affiliates and a quite extensive distribution network.
The range of its products offers diagnostic tools for the investigation of almost all the hemostatic and thrombotic disorders, integrating always the highest scientific standards and supported by solid scientific evidence.
Stago Group includes also the companies, Tcoag, Agro-Bio, Bio-Cytex, Thrombinoscope, Synapse and DSRV.

MAGIRAS DIAGNOSTICS S.A. has been the exclusive distributor of STAGO in Greece since 2007. Dozens of medium and big automated analyzers (STA-Compact and STA-R) are installed in almost all the reference labs, either in Hospitals, University Clinics, or in big private labs, in long lasting collaborations, performing the most demanding coagulation diagnosis. Moreover, hundreds of semi-automated analyzers installed in medium or small labs provide the same reliability and accuracy of results, based on the superb quality of STAGO reagents.

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