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DNA microarray test systems for infection and genetic diagnostics (IVD)

Fully automated evaluation of EUROIMMUN microarrays for standardised, fast and reliable results.

  • Reliable multiplex test systems for the simultaneous detection of different infectious agents or disease-associated genetic features.
  • Simple test performance with ready-to-use reagents.
  • High result security due to various integrated controls.
  • Fully automated standardized evaluation and result documentation.
  • LIMS connection available.

EUROArray – EUROIMMUN‘s unique microarray technology.

What is a microarray and how does it work?

The EUROArray technology is based on the amplification of defined gene sequences by multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and the subsequent detection of the resulting PCR products by means of a hybridisation reaction with DNA probes which are immobilized on a microarray in the form of microscopically small spots.The specificity of the reactions is achieved by the accurate binding of primers and probes to the complementary sequences of the target DNA.Tests for infection diagnostics detect specific genes equences ,based on which the respective pathogens can be directly identified and differentiated from all other organisms.In genetic diagnostic tests,particular disease – associated alleles ,single -nucleotide polymorphisms or mutations in the human genome are detected. The EUROArray test systems show a very high sensitivity and specificity.

EUROArrays in IVD quality.

EUROIMMUN microarrays are based on BIOCHIP Technology with specific DNA probes. Each BI OCHIP consists of up to 72 DNA spots and allows duplicate determinations of up to 36 different DNA sequences, including controls. One EUROArray slide consists of five test fields for parallel investigation of up to five samples. Each field can contain several BIOCHIPs in order to increase the number of detectable DNA sequences .

Fully automated standardised evaluation delivers fast and reliable results.

With the EUROArrayScanner and EUROArrayScan software, EUROArrays are evaluated easily, quickly and objectively. EUROArrayScan software can be integrated into EUROLabOffice and other laboratory information management systems (LIMS) without any difficulties. At the start of each run, the data for the samples to be examined are entered and are then transferred automatically into the working list by the software.  After scanning the slides, the EUROArrayScan software fully automatically evaluates all data, produces a report and documents and archives all results. Results for a EUROArray slide (up to five samples) are obtained in less than 20 seconds.

Reliability of analysis is ensured by many controls

Control Used to check whether…
DNA positive control …the DNA was intact and present in sufficient quantity
PCR positive control …PCR was successful (functioning of primers and / or PCR conditions)
Cross-contamination control …there was any cross contamination from one test field to the other
Hybridization specificity control …the PCR products have bound specifically to the DNA probes
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