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Hazardous drug safety             


The BD hazardous drug safety portfolio of products offers the Texium system, which utilizes mechanical valve technology to protect healthcare workers and patients. It includes a needle-free luer-lock connection and bonded syringes, which offer a great workflow advantage, especially when integrated seamlessly with SmartSite valve technology and the Alaris System. When the Texium system and SmartSite valve are paired together, they provide a leak-free, drip-free connection and disconnection, seamlessly integrate drug preparation and delivery. With a range of vial adapter options, including the SmartSite universal vial adapter, SmartSite vented vial access device and SmartSite bagl access device, this system provides pharmacists and nurses with a flexible, simple and cost-effective solution.


Protect your clinicians with a proven design while maximizing the value of your existing Alaris Pump module and gravity administration sets. The BD SmartSite needle-free connector gives you the peace of mind of protecting your clinicians with a brand that has been in market for more than 20 years and a proven design recognized by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and the Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA).

  • SmartSite vented vial access device

Gain safe access to drug vials. Our SmartSite vented vial access device works with our Texium closed male luer to form a closed system that lets you safely access drug vials. The SmartSite needle-free valve lets you needlelessly access multiple-use vials.

  • Texium closed male luer

Close yourself off to dangerous exposure. Our Texium closed male luer partners with our SmartSite needle-free valve products to form a
closed system that keeps hazardous drugs from leaking or dripping.

  • Texium bonded syringe

Quickly and easily achieve a closed system.Our Texium™bonded syringes work with our SmartSite™needle-free valve products to form a safe, cost-effective closed system for chemotherapy, antiviral and other drug delivery.

  • SmartSite bag access device

Gain direct yet safe access to IV bags. Our SmartSite bag access device joins our Texium closed male luer to form a closed system that lets you safely access IV bags.






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