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Newest arrival of the “Max Generation” family, the STA Satellite Max is dedicated for low-volume throughput laboratories. Its new design enhancing ergonomics and ease to use, has been developed with a reliable hardware for continuous result reporting and minimal user maintenance thanks to maintenance free needle and fluidic system .The STA Satellite Max new graphical user interface equipped with windows 10 has built in accreditation process, including new features such as extended traceability (archiving of entire results up to 6 month and easy pen drive data export), extended QC management including Westgard  rules and multiple calibration per assays. Building on the heritage of the STA line, the Satellite Max offers the efficiency of Stago’s unique Viscosity based detection system together with high quality reagents for routine and specialised assays offering maximum sensitivity and reproducibility to each laboratory .



  • Viscosity-Based (mechanical) Detection System: Immediate delivery of accurate and precise results for any type of coloured plasma, maximum precision for weak clot detection and standardisation between Stago systems
  • True continuous loading with carousel : 20 samples, 16 cooled reagents, 220 cuvettes on board
  • True STAT management to ensure faster turnaround time
  • Positive sample and reagent identifications
  • Automatic management of dilutions, reruns, reflex testing and add-ons
  • Improved ergonomic design operated with Window 10 software including a virtual keyboard
  • Optimised and reduced user maintenance operation
  • Intuitive and standardised user interface within the Max Generation
  • Extended traceability meeting quality requirements
  • Comprehensive menu of tests and recalibration feature for all routine assays
  • Maintenance free fluidic (Double Resolution Dilutor)

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