The “Max Generation” instruments family us expanding again with our new STA Compact Max 3. The third generation of the STA Compact Max, includes the EPC Module in order to be totally standardised with the STA R Max 3 and to optimise sample management with optional controls of patient results before sending them to the LIS. Dedicated for mid-volume throughput laboratories, the STA Compact Max 3 has been designed with a new hardware and improved ergonomics to optimise your productivity. Including a new fourth generation cap piercing module enlarging sample tube compatibility and utilising the new maintenance free Single Resolution Pipettor (SRP) module to further improve  its robustness, real time and proactive alerts, reduced user maintenance will provide efficiency and productivity ti operators . As well as a Visual Alarm Device to alert the user of the analyser status (optional). New software features provide more flexibility including the management of multiple lots and calibration curves on-board. With regards to the Cybersecurity, the software features bring security, traceability and expertise to every lab: user rights management to deal with staff authorisations, audit trail feature, rules engine to standardise patient results validation and tools to support accreditation process .


  • Viscosity-Based (Mechanical) Detection System consistently delivers accurate results immediately, exclusive technology standardised on all Stago systems, insensitive to analytical interferences from harm-lysis, icteric and lipemic samples for clotting assays, maximum precision for weak clot detection
  • Sample integrity verification to ensure quality of results thanks to the Expert Pre analytical Check module (EPC module) providing fill volume check feature for any type of tube, detection of haemolysis, icterus and lipemia which may affect chromogenic and immune-turbidimetric tests and clotting assays with haemolysis potential biological impact : no extra volume, no impact on throughput, large measurement range without any dilution .
  • Extended loading capacity : 96 samples, 45 reagents, 1000 cuvettes on-board
  • True STAT management without any impact on the instrument throughput
  • Positive sample and reagent identifications
  • Automatic management of dilutions, reruns, reflex testing and add-ons
  • Ready to operate 24/7 availability and no time required to restart
  • Improved ergonomic design
  • Optimised and reduced user maintenance operations
  • Intuitive and standardised user interface within the Max Generation
  • Extender traceability to meet regulatory requirements for cybersecurity
  • Comprehensive menu of tests and pre-calibration  feature for all routine assays
  • Tracking tool to export patients data, calibrations, QC,EPC values, maintenance operation, cuvettes rolls
  • Automatic back-up

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