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BIOLUMI 8000 integrated system offers a total solution for medium and high workload laboratories by flexible combinations . It is designed to reduce the complexity of laboratory operation and provides efficient and compatible with LIS solutions.SNIBE developed the integrated system Biolumi 8000, which could combines electrolyte, biochemistry and immunoassay tests together with a signal sample processing module .Modular IVD laboratory analytical system combines Immunology, Biochemistry, Electrolyte and Sample handling modules together, full expansion and flexible recombination to satisfy all different requirements in the laboratory.

Sample Processing Module
● Loading 280 samples at one time
● 4 channels, high speed loading
● STAT Channel

Electrolyte Module
● 1000 test/hour
● Continuous loading reagent during operation
● Double channels, high speed
● RFID tag for reagent information, Instant recognition

Biochemistry Module
● 1600 tests/hour
● 90 reagent positions, continuous loading
● 2 independent paddle stirrers, polished with Nano material, throughly mixing
● Water bath, constant and accurate temperature control: 37℃±0.1℃
● Holographic Concavity flat field grating, rear spectroscopy technology
● Wavelength range 340nm-800nm, detect 16 wavelengths simultaneously

Immunoassay Module
● Non-enzyme involved flash chemiluminescence
● Nano magnetic microbeads for separation
● 280 tests/hour
● 25 reagent positions, continuous loading
● RFID tag for reagent information, Instant recognition
● More than 100 parameters
● 2 point calibration to adjust master curve, maximum calibration stability: 4 weeks


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